Art Plus Offices, Jerusalem

On the site in the outskirts of Givat Shaul’s office park overlooking the Judean Mountains on the north and bordering with a rock cliff on the south, an office building is designed for the headquarters of Art Plus, one of Israel’s leading companies in digital graphics and printing. The 5-floor building with offices and studio spaces of ~ 3070 m2 above an underground printing services and parking floors of ~ 5,900 m2, is designed to exploit the site potential and limitations.

The transparent north elevation emphasizes the use of stone and glass to create a two-layered screen. The side elevations allow day light but are protected from the direct sun. Offices and studios at the rear of the building are oriented to a transparent south elevation that opens onto a garden facing the cliff and covered by the building’s two upper floors. The design incorporate lines and planes to emphasize the building’s materials: stone and glass and the special buildings technologies.


In progress


Art Plus Printing House