Vision Village for Senior Citizens, Giv’at Ada

The program for Vision Village on a parcel of nearly 114,000 m2, is located on the outskirts of Giv’at Ada, near the road to Zichron Ya’acov. It incorporates an open air amphitheater, a resort village, sport and recreation facilities, an artists’ colony and workshops with a retirement village, with a total area of 36,500 m2.

The complex is developed to take advantage of the unique tourism potential and the pastoral local landscape. The design blends with the rural country side offering a unique setting for social activities. From the main road the development progresses from the amphitheater to the artists’ colony and to the retirement village, termination at a local creek. Lines of trees, typical of the local landscape, lead to and border two story buildings, grouped in clusters arranged in an organic manner.


In progress


Kata Abramowitz Partnership