Contemporary Art Museum, Umm el-Fahem

The proposed museum overlooks and is noticeably viewed from both the Wadi Ara road and the Umm el-Fachem townscape. The two-wing building creates a complex yet clear relationship with the site. The exhibition galleries are located in a long and narrow structure, elevated above the valley interpreting landscape features in its design. The other wing, accommodating community activities, is arranged as a cultural spine and resembles the local building texture in its scale and its close connection to the land. These two parallel wings create a unique outdoor space along the ravine axis. At the high spot, the two wings are connected and create the entrance, relating to the existing and to the proposed roads and walkways. The main pedestrian walkway is extended as a bridge at the building entrance. The road leading into the museum splits into a pedestrian promenade integrated with parking, with underground parking and technical areas below.




Umm el-Fahem Municipality

Collaboration With

Architect Anna Shapiro & Architect Noam Shoked