Hebrew Community Center, Jerusalem

The Hebrew Community Center, serving some 2000 visitors daily, does not exploit the potential of its large site of 15,700 m2, the proximity to a major traffic rout and the growth of young and strong population in the area. The buildings is expanded by 10,500 m2 to form a new campus with a modified arrangement of activities.

The existing L shaped building is constructed of two wings; one with sport facilities i.e. swimming pool, basketball/ multi-purpose hall, and a fitness club. The other wing accommodates cultural and social activities. The design for the its expansion consists of 9 major projects for sport, social and cultural activities.

Respecting the architectural qualities of the building, Jerusalem’s stone Modernism of the 1960’s, the additions are designed as independent entities in mass, shape and color.


In progress


Israel Assoc. of Community Centers Ltd.